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The first record I ever owned….


I was given this record for my birthday in 1978, the first record I have ever owned, and playing it this morning it still sounds great after 39 years.

Today, I own about four and a half thousand records and CD’s, back them there was just this one record and not a bad choice as far as ‘the first record i owned” standards.

I knew every lyric, what tracks were on what side and the band members names, the record label, you name it. Don’t think I could do that with the latest record I have bought.

I don’t , alas remember the second record I ever owned, perhaps it was Kiss’ unmasked.

Duality on the Hudson

Duality on the Hudson

I have always thought of  Yo La Tengo and the Velvet Undergound as the New and Old Testament of Rock ‘n Roll, quite different but linked, certainly.


Both albums are compilations of sorts. One is recorded in mono the other in stereo, released almost three decades apart, to me they represent the journey of Rock ‘n Roll on the Hudson, one smack addled, poorly recorded on a portable cassette recorder the other benefiting modern technology, guitar trickery of note and of course modern recording techniques.

Perhaps, taking the Biblical metaphor further , one Jonathan  Richman was a latter day Jesus sent to give a new commandment to Rock ‘n Roll , lighten up have fun laugh at yourself but keep on experimenting, looking and enjoying the delightful world of sonic mayhem.