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Album’s I would have not want to be seen with dead when I was 16…..

When I was 16 I would always take great pleasure in parading my “good taste” in music to my fellow school kids. There would usually be an album by Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath tucked under my arm for all to see. For good effect I would show off Venoms album “At War With Satan” as it had a huge upside down cross on it. Going to school in early 80’s South Africa this would indeed raise more than few eye brows 🙂

Well today I don’t count Elton John and Neil Diamond as guilty pleasures, I love them for their great song writing ability and musicianship.

I still listen to metal, punk and alternative music all the time but I do get a laugh out of thinking what my 16 year old self would think when I put an Elton John album on my turntable. What would I say to the 16 year old kid…..?  ‘shut up , have a beer and chill out”




The first record I ever owned….


I was given this record for my birthday in 1978, the first record I have ever owned, and playing it this morning it still sounds great after 39 years.

Today, I own about four and a half thousand records and CD’s, back them there was just this one record and not a bad choice as far as ‘the first record i owned” standards.

I knew every lyric, what tracks were on what side and the band members names, the record label, you name it. Don’t think I could do that with the latest record I have bought.

I don’t , alas remember the second record I ever owned, perhaps it was Kiss’ unmasked.