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Cliche’s like us…..


The Boss’ Born To Run probably also ranks up there with albums I wouldn’t want to be seen dead with when I was 16, now I can clearly see the advantages of maturity, being a late convert to Springsteen.

This paper thin 1980 pressing is heavy on static and rumble, having been played a zillion times and I imagine as an Israeli pressing fairly rare.

It’s also one of those albums that I prefer side two over side one, “Meeting Across The River ” plays out like a Scorsese short movie or a vignette from the Soprano’s and the album closes out with “Jungleland” which contains , courtesy of the late great Clarens Clemons on tenor sax, probably the greatest saxophone solo in Rock ‘n Roll.

Sure, Born To Run holds a fair few cliche’s , it’s side 2 track one has been played to death, but after 42 years there is still relevance and power here that belie and cliche and age.